Our History

Our Company’s history starts in 1976 when the owner Mr. Spyros Anastopoulos is starting his professional career in the industry of graphic arts and printing paper, by working initially as a press technician in daily newspapers, in Athens. Sixteen years later Mr. Spyros Anastopoulos had the experience, the know-how and the means to start his own company which would later become one of the largest paper supplier in Greece.


Important years of our company

1992: Spyros Anastopoulos is establishing “D. & S. ANASTOPOULOS LTD”, a paper trading company which, two years later, develops into an S.A. (Societe Anonyme). The company owns one delivery truck and its premises consist of a 200m2 warehouse and 60m2 offices. It has a staff of 2 persons and activates its sales only in Athens and the neighborhood area. The total turnover for this first year of operation amounted to EUR 160,000.

1994: “D. & S. ANASTOPOULOS LTD” due to the demanding need for further development and prevalence in the Greek market, converts into SA. The company now has 2,000m2 warehouses and employs 3 people in the accounting, 4 people in the sales, 4 truck drivers and 2 people in the warehouse. This first financial year’s turnover, as an SA, is EUR 5.5 million.

1996-1998: A three year period of a successful expansion in product range and geographical sales coverage. The sheet-papers product range is enriched with more qualities, more sizes, and more substances. It is also added a wide variety of paper qualities in reels, increasing so the opportunities to achieve a substantial sales revenue from editors and publishing firms (newspapers and magazines). At the end of 1998 the company owns a 2,500m2 warehouse and 7 trucks, employs 23 people and the turnover of the year is EUR 6.6 million.

2004: This year marked by two very important facts for the company’s progress. The first one is the transfer of the company to its newly built and self-owned facilities in Koropi area, with a 5,000m2 warehouse, built in full compliance to the international paper storage standards. The new facilities are close to Athens airport, ensuring thus an easy and direct access to the main roads of greater Athens area. The second important fact is the entrance to the company of the two sons and successors of Spyros Anastopoulos. The two brothers, Thanos and Alexander, 27 and 26 years old respectively, under the wise and discreet guidance of their father, gave a new impetus to the development of the company. Worth noting is also the acquisition of ISO 9001:2000 certificate of conformity and the EUR 7.6 million turnover of the year.

2008: The company enters dynamic the paper processing fields. A modern production plant, equipped with high technology paper-Sheeters and Slitting-rewinding machines, is established and the turnover of this year is EUR15.4 million

2011: The Group renewed and modernized all the machinery by acquiring new Clarks and trucks that improved efficiency and productivity of the company, also grows its warehouse at 6.000m ² .

2012: As part of the continuous development of the company, Mr. Spyros Anastopoulos decided to attain a new paper cutting machine roll-to-roll to meet even more requirements of its customers. Also the sales department of our company broadened its network with new internal and external partners.

2014: Our company enters the Graphic arts market by importing Printing plates, Printing Chemicals, Printing inks and CTP systems in order to cover its customer needs.

2015: A new goal was met and the company created its first E-shop (dsagroupsa.com) with office stationary and Inks & Toners for office use.